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How It Started

Hi, I’m Josiah, and I’m the one who runs this site. I’m a college student studying Film Production, and I enjoy helping people out with their Mac’s and other technology, and this website is a way to further that.


NewtotheMac.info was started in a college dorm room on September 11th, 2011. I had spent my first few weeks at college being barraged with questions from friends about Macs. I love helping others with their computers and other electronics, but it got overwhelming. As the questions were pouring in, I started to realize there were many common questions. I went to Google to see if these questions could have been solved with a quick search. I discovered that many wouldn’t have been. I was surprised that there wasn’t a decent website dedicated to tips and tricks for new Mac users.


Then late at night on September 11th, I went and bought newtothemac.info and spent the night starting this website. Only an hour or so into it I realized this site would be way bigger than I had initially though. I decided I wouldn’t launch until November, 2011 so I could be sure to include everything I could come up with. As work progressed, it continued to turn into an even bigger project. The launch date was moved back, and all related domains were purchased. I spent months working on the site until its launch on January 31, 2012. At launch, the site was still in beta as there was still quite a bit of work to be done.


In December of 2014, NewtotheMac relaunched with a similar design, but rebuilt from the ground up on a different platform. The new platform allows for the site to be continually updated. The previous site was relient on 30+ wordpress plugins, none of which could be updated due to incompatibilities. The site had begun to stagnate, so a new platform was necessary. We're proud to be running NewtotheMac on Adobe Muse & Adobe Business Catalyst.

Welcome to NewtotheMac - a site filled with helpful tips, tricks and tutorials for new Mac Users.

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